Registration as a new patient

Register as a new patient in our practice – English information

When you are a resident in the Netherlands it is important to be registered at a general practice, preferably as soon as possible. In our practice, you can only register online, using the next link: On this page you will find beneath ‘WEBAPP’ on the left a list, click on ‘Inschrijven als patiënt’. Here you can fill in the registration form.


After the registration you will get an confirmation within +/- 2 working days. Once you have received this, you can call us to make an appointment for acquaintance or consultation (+31 (0) 43 -32 86 00 and press 3).


Payments and Fees:

      • Have you linked a Dutch citizen service number (BSN) to a Dutch health insurance policy?
        Then your consultation will be reimbursed.
      • European health insurance card?
        Then we can declare the consultation for you.
      • Do you have private/international or no insurance?
        Then we must ask you to pay the consultation immediately. You will then receive a copy of the invoice, which you can submit yourself to your insurance company.
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